immanuel worship centre

The Prayer centre which is functioning under the guidance of the Immanuel charitable trust has a length of 350 feet and 350 feet width. This Centre is run as per the auspicious sight received by Pastor Kuriyan Paul. The Prayer centre approximately has more than Two Lakh devotees .

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In 1995 Honorable Palakkad District Collector Dr Usha Titus had given legal approval for the prayer home   and later it also started its function as Charitable Trust.  It  so far follows the policy   “Do not let your Left Hand Know what your Right Hand is doing “ .    Even though it follows the above policy, so many organizations came to know about its service to humanity and have showered with recognitions.   The Consumer Association which is recognized by United Nations  and Human rights Protection Council has  facilitated Pastor Kuriyan Paul by giving award for the best  service for the humanity.


Pastor Kuriyan Paul is the Managing Trustee of Immanuel Prayer house and his son Mr Maju Kuryan is the Joint Managing Trustee.  Besides them   5  members of the  Prayer house is also part of the trust.  The ruling committee is elected once in every five members.  People from every  district of Kerala and also from North India comes to this prayer house.  Around 300 representatives has been elected from the  people who come to this prayer house.  Pastor has formed a Board including all these representatives.  The Board also has a President and Secretary. The board will meet every 3 months and discuss about the details.  People from all over place come here without any discriminations . Here everyone is treated equally without any difference in colour , race , creed, religion  and status.  The home believes in  the truth of One God.  And moreover no conversion in religion happens here.


Presently This  prayer house serves food  on all  Fridays and Sunday  in every week   for all who comes here. Around  600 kilos of Rice are cooked in the kitchen  and served. .  In Future the prayer house  dreams of serving  free food for  24 hours on every day  .  Mission of this plan is mainly  to provide food for the hungry people.  Hence the prayer house plans to start a project   titled ‘ Visappe Vida’ to fulfill this dream.  Besides this   the trust   also would like to start various projects like  Old Age Home,  Children care centre, Hospitals and Schools to serve the humanity.